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About Teranode

About us

Management team

Teranode provides business intelligence solutions to bio-pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and payers or insurers whose business decisions and success depend on access to reliable, timely and relevant information on safety and efficacy of FDA approved drugs in the market.

The solutions are created around the flagship product Teranode RTI product that uses Teranode's computational linguistic technologies based on advances in natural language processing (NLP). These technologies make the challenging tasks of extracting, organizing, and rating information from diverse sources feasible. With its ontologies, rules, and proprietary algorithms, Teranode RTI enables contextually relevant semantic analysis of thousands of public and private information sources—structured as well as unstructured including social media content - and generates a real-time intelligence (RTI) index reflecting the risk/benefit profile of a drug allowing organizations to:

Capture trends of adverse events early to manage them proactively

Improve communication with stakeholders (producers, patients, providers, and payers)

Be better informed of the risks involved in using a drug

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements of reporting adverse events

Monitor product performance in the context of competition

Make better discovery decisions and improve the R&D pipeline

Design more focused clinical trials
Real-time listening of twitter, blogs, Facebook and many other sources to track and manage public sentiments proactively
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