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Data Access/Integration:

Access to a multitude of global information sources in one place, both structured and unstructured including news sources, blogs and social media

Access to structured data not just links, e.g., safety data from clinical trials is structured and actionable

Ease of integration with internal systems

Ability to add new sources with no or minimal effort
Flexibility in normalization/cleansing [logic is implemented as data]

Real Time Intelligence:

Automated interpretation of signals/trends from unstructured information

- Interpretation based on direct and indirect linkages to drugs and drug safety concepts
- Teranode RTI's natural language processing and linguistics technologies will interpret the unstructured information using causal drug safety ontologies
- Safety specialists will be provided the signals versus having to look through research articles, texts, and other information themselves even if they are indexed

Continuous rating [signals] based on an integrated analysis of structured and unstructured information

Customizable causal safety ontologies can reflect your safety experts' knowledge
Heat maps enable safety specialists to focus on the most important events and developments
Monitor drugs of interest by configuring portfolios
Continuous monitoring of competitor drugs

Institutionalize Safety Processes:

Continuously analyze data based on client specific logic/thresholds

Customizable escalation/event response processes

Knowledge Management:

Teranode RTI will be a comprehensive repository of all relevant information, internal and external

Allows safety specialists to log their rationale for important decisions

View/Analyze decision history

Analysis/Reporting/Decision Support:

Define and manage drug portfolios

Summary view of drugs across all portfolios based on drug class

Spontaneous querying of structured and unstructured data

Adhoc web search, curated with causal safety ontologies
Perform one-to-one comparison of drugs using different variables and charts, etc.
Flexible reporting engine; JasperReport for visualization; Spotfire optional

Executive Support:

Role/Need based dashboards


Flexible, highly model-driven BPA framework which enables rapid, cost effective implementation of client specific safety processes

Proactive monitoring of e cigarette safety data both structured and unstructured

Customizable Alerts

Proactive enforcement of policy/rules
Manipulation of data
Adaptive institutionalization of client specific safety business processes and logic
Change processes in the BPA framework as often as they need to change to adapt to changing business conditions
By implementing client specific safety business processes in the Teranode BPA framework, you have shifted process knowledge from people to the framework; achieve a nimble process efficient environment
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