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Teranode's Real Time Intelligence (RTI) and Automation solution for Drug Development and Post-Market Safety is the only solution in the market that brings the power of a state of art Big Data application along with a Business Process Automation platform for rapid integration into enterprise processes and systems. More specifically Teranode RTI provides:

Industry leading computational linguistics solution that can aggregate and “read” massive amounts of structured and unstructured text, from within and outside your organizational boundaries, and present a contextual and intelligent interpretation at every stage of the Drug Development Life Cycle.


LiveBPA Platform from Rage Frameworks Inc that can seamlessly integrate Real Time Intelligence into an existing application environment, enable alerts and case management around RTI insights, and is purpose built for any other rapid and enterprise scale business transformation need

This underlying technology from Rage Frameworks is being used widely by leading global corporations across multiple industries to solve highly complex aggregation and interpretation challenges, providing early warnings and insights in areas such as investment research, enterprise risk, supplier risk and competitive intelligence, to name a few.

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