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Teranode RTI

Seamlessly Integrate Disparate Information

Integrate Documents, Data, Subjects seamlessly; leverage any popular Document Management System [Sharepoint, Doucmentum, ...]

Automatically curate information using industry standard Ontologies [Snowmed-CT, NCI, MEDRA, ...]

Customize Ontologies to accommodate unique needs

Easily integrate sources of internal and external legacy systems and other information

Enhance Visibility, Knowledge Sharing

Document, track decisions/rationale at each stage; preserve institutional knowledge

Visibility across internal groups, senior management

Enable 'pharma partners' to share knowledge and reduce duplicity

Proactive Analysis and Early Warning Signals

Proactive monitoring of Adverse Events; automated intelligent alerts integrated with ontologies

Advanced analysis to detect emerging trends in localized context by integrating Adverse Event data with internal research and trial results and documents

Powerful Event-driven Business Process Automation

Implement holistic research management processes that envelop all aspects of the drug development and post-market safety lifecycle

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